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Breitling Navitimer Slide rule

The Breitling Navitimer is a watch equipped with a slide rule , even in this computer world it can be a very usefull tool for basic math , such as multiplication , divisions , money conversion ......

The Breiling Navitimer has not been the first Breitling equipped with the slide rule as you can read very often . In fact it is the Chronomat , introduced in 1942


you can have a look here to a Breitling Chronomat equipped with the first Breitling slide rule




The 1942 slide rule is different from the one of the Navitimer (except the Navitimer 92 with this "1942" type) it is an inverted scale type and you can see hereafter how it works.

In 1952 Breitling introduce another type of slide rure We will try to explain hereafter the basics of this tool

Note that each Navitimer is supplied with a complete instruction manual for the slide rule + a "training" model (see the scan just below)




To multiply

with the Navitimer, use the unit index (number 10) in red on the inner scale . Always set the multiplier (the number by which another is multiplied) opposite the unit index on the inner scale and read the answer on the outter scale opposite the multiplicand (number to be multiplied by another) appearing on the inner scale

To multiply 7x12 set 12 (the multiplier) on outer scale opposite unit index (10) on the inner scale . Opposite 7 on the inner scale, read the answer 84 on the mobile dial.

To divide

with the Navitimer alsoi use the unit index (Red 10) place the dividend on the outer scale opposite to the divisor on the inner scale . Opposite the unit index read the answer on outer scale

To divide 120 by 4 place 120 on outer scale opposite to 4 on the inner scale. Read the answer,30 , on outer scale opposite unit index (10)

You can view and download the complete instruction manual of the slide rule of a vintage 1967 Navitimer : click here

You can view and download the complete instruction manual of the slide rule of a modern Navitimer : click here

Navitimers can also be used to convert Hours in Minutes (not all models have this scale but if you want some details about this scale : click here

Navitimers can be used as tachymeter, pulsometer or telemeter : click here to get the tutorial


Many other math calculations can be acheived using the slide rule such as : calculating ground speed , calculating miles per minute , rate of climb or descent .... but also simply money conversion : something VERY usefull for us Europeans ! we have just swap our money for Euros !

The Navitimer slide rule is for sure THE sympol of this watch , even if some other watches have one and if very few owners use it. Just remember the time where calculators where not in your pockets and where this instrument was always with you

Slide rules are still used by some pilots : the picture on the left shows a E6B flight computer with circular slide rule similar to the Navitimer slide rule.

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